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Kauffman Student Immigration Report
Potential job creators – U.S. small business owners – do not view high tax rates as the biggest barrier to their success; it's the complexity of the tax code that they find most troublesome. Other key concerns they have include overly complicated regulations and licensing requirements.
Tracking Annual Changes in Employment for Growing and Shrinking Businesses There are more than 6 million establishments with paid employees in the United States. These businesses are dynamic: opening and closing, adding and losing employees. Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, in collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies, the Business Dynamics Statistics […]
High-skilled immigrants have provided one of America’s greatest competitive advantages. Their education and skills, their hunger to share in the American dream, their knowledge of world markets, their entrepreneurial drive, and hundreds of thousands of jobs created as a result all have fueled growth in the American economy. Yet their contributions have not been well-documented. […]