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ESHIP Summit

Program Updates

Introducing ESHIP Goal Meetups

We are now in the Deliver phase of our work together solving for the ESHIP Goals – our collective framework designed to help us prioritize, organize, and collaborate as we work to improve the effectiveness of entrepreneurial ecosystem builders everywhere.

Part of the deliver phase is the launch new monthly ESHIP Goal Meetups. These are virtual gatherings intended to create space around each of the 7 ESHIP Goals to foster relationships, learning, sharing, and collaboration. Led by members of the community, these monthly gatherings will feature speakers, panels, and facilitated group discussions exploring topics around the ESHIP Goals, at both a “field” and “local” level. Everyone is welcome to join.

Linked below are upcoming ESHIP Goal Meetups.

Introducing ESHIP Project Teams

In addition to the Goal Meetups, we’re also excited to roll out a process for teams who are working (or want to work) on ESHIP Goal-focused projects to make their work more visible to others across the community. ESHIP Project Teams are formal teams focused on projects related to one or more of the ESHIP Goal Initiatives. Learn how to form a project team here and watch the webinar.

Next steps

We recently hosted an ESHIP Goal “Next Steps” Webinar to share an update and more on Goal Meetups and Project Teams – both are ways for you to stay involved with the ESHIP community year-round. Browse webinar presentation deck >