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Kauffman Education Fellowship

Who we are

History of the Fellowship

Fellows are diverse leaders from the nonprofit, corporate, and faith sectors. Alumni nominate potential Fellows. Currently, the Fellowship is open by invitation only.

Fellows are expected to:

  • Engage in full-day monthly sessions.
  • Attend school board meetings.
  • Attend local school visits.
  • Practice community organizing skills.
  • Complete a research project related to a school or district and issue of choice.
  • Engage in racial equity training.

Currently, the Fellowship is open by invitation only. Subscribe to our Rethink Ed newsletter to stay connected and receive updates >

Fellows form a network of citizen-advocates dedicated to maximizing student potential, driving the Kansas City economy, and building thriving communities

During the first year, the Discovery Path, Fellows explore who they are in relation to the education system in Kansas City and how they want to make an impact.

In the optional second year, the Action Path, Fellows learn how to transform education through community organizing and advocacy.

In the Fellowship, participants:

  • LEARN about education and equity
    Sessions feature experts on: the history of education, race, and equity; school accountability; school funding; school governance; teachers and leaders; early childhood education; and real world learning.
  • EXPERIENCE what’s possible in education
    Fellows visit high-performing schools and innovative education programs.
  • EQUIP themselves with community organizing tools
    Fellows learn key elements of advocacy, including: power, self-interest, and relationship-building.
  • ACT to improve education in local communities
    Fellows lead community discussions, influence legislation, collaborate with schools and organizations, and serve on boards and committees.

I have a voice to speak for students and parents in our communities and more knowledge and experience to be a change agent.

— 2019 Fellow