Request for Proposals From the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (EMKF) is soliciting proposals to support the entrepreneurial education functions of early stage accelerator programs operating in the Kansas City region. Funds from EMKF are to be used for structured educational uses, including technical assistance, working in underserved populations, and/or testing a novel research project, in keeping with the charitable purpose of the Foundation. Grants of up to $300,000 will be provided to successful applicants.

Structured educational uses include classroom, small group, and one-to-one teaching formats that involve a well-defined curriculum and an instructor that delivers information through either face-to-face or long distance methods.

EMKF resources can also cover the costs of technical assistance as long as it is provided in a structured educational format, based, for example on a rigorous assessment of a firm’s needs and a structured plan of action to address those needs.

By supporting core educational functions of acceleration programs the Kauffman Foundation aims to increase the reach of programs to the KC community, particularly to populations that have not traditionally had access to these types of programs.

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