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EdWise-H is a tool dedicated to empowering informed decisions about higher education in Missouri. This efficient version of EdWise looks at the 27 higher education public institutions in the state of Missouri, consolidating public data and information you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to know the average ACT score of incoming undergrads or the transfer rate of students of color, you can find it easily with EdWise-H.


EdWise-P, or EdWise-Public, provides a straight-forward, easy-to-use version of EdWise to aid decision-making about education in Missouri. EdWise-P creates a simple path to basic information with a condensed set of tools for a faster EdWise experience for education support organizations, civic and neighborhood leaders, and media.


EdWise-R allows researchers and the data literate to really dive into public Missouri education data. EdWise-R includes a sub-group analysis tool to examine the performance of a district or school across topics in three-year increments.

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