Education in Context

Changes to contextual factors, like funding policies, can be difficult to adequately reflect in EdWise. Collecting user feedback and ideas will be important to ensure appropriate context is available when necessary.

We will make every effort to incorporate contextual information without slowing down the user experience. In the short term, please see some of the reports we have found that discuss common educational context topics.

This list is just a beginning. If you feel a particular report is missing, send it to

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Education Reports

These sites provide access to general reports or interactive websites about education in Kansas and Missouri at the state, county, or city level. Email us at if we’ve missed one.

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Education Data Sources

These sites provide access to school, district, or state level education data, including sources we used to develop EdWise. Email us at if we’ve missed one.

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Education Blog Posts

Stay updated with the latest Kauffman Foundation education blog posts. Read posts by EdWise creator Christopher Laubenthal about education data and EdWise

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