We've taken EdWise on the road all across Missouri, and we love to hear how people are using the tool to make informed education decisions. Here's just a small sample of what they're saying.


"Our students benefit most when the public has access to high-quality data about school and student performance, and EdWise provides parents and the public with a comprehensive tool to help them access and use data. I applaud the Kauffman Foundation for making this important investment in ensuring everyone with a stake in education has access to the information they need to make the best decisions for students."

-- Aimee Guidera, president and CEO of the Data Quality Campaign


"The College of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis has really valued EdWise. We are using the mapping analytic tools for teaching, research and policy analysis. This tool expands how our students view the region and how data plays a central role in identifying high-need communities and schools. In teacher preparation and school leadership we can track and map the schools we work in the most to see how our students are making a difference. EdWise helps us tell stories in so many ways. It is truly a significant and valuable tool."

-- Carole Basile, dean of the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Education 


"Our St. Louis region is filled with fabulous institutions of higher education, school districts, private schools, job training centers, literacy programs, research and supportive initiatives of all kinds. But the dots are never connected in ways that would make each of them better by sharing invaluable information the likes of which EdWise provides.

"I may be retired from my current job before it happens, but I really think that once seen and understood, EdWise could be the nexus for an educational consortium of funders to create the physical space and the technology to make a data center a reality."

-- Molly Bunton, author and special assistant to St. Louis County


"As someone who works with aspiring school leaders, I am particularly excited about EdWise. School leaders need to be able to read and make sense of data. EdWise offers a platform where I can develop almost unlimited opportunities for learning activities that are directly related to the work my students will be engaged in."

James Shuls, assistant professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Education


-- Julie Holland, education advisor to Mayor Sly James, speaking about the achievement gap and EdWise at the August 25, 2015, KCStat meeting.


"Our leadership data and research team in Liberty Public Schools have found EdWise to be a great metrics database resource to assist our continuous improvement process. EdWise allows our district to analyze comparable data to make quality measurement choices toward our strategic plan, district initiatives, as well as assisting local district research."

-- Christopher Hand, director of assessment for Liberty Public Schools


"I wanted to share some longitudinal data with my superintendent and the leadership team detailing the progression of Banneker's students who scored proficient and advanced over time since 2008 for the subjects of ELA, math and science. In addition, this information was extremely beneficial for our instructional data teams to provide a context for our school's 2015-2016 data goals. Moreover, I was able to compare Banneker's growth over time to a couple of peer schools.

"Last, I appreciated I did not have to create the graph once I gathered the information since EdWise created the bar graph for me. In short, it really simplified the process."

-- Tamara Burns, chief academic officer, Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology


"At North Kansas City Schools, we've made significant advances in the use of in-district data over the past three years with our data warehouse solution. It has enabled us to continually monitor key metrics and identify areas for improvement. We've seen an 18 percent improvement in our APR score in the last two years due to hard work of our teachers, students, leadership and staff. Our data warehouse was an integral part of the process, serving as the 'measuring stick' along the way.
"Before EdWise, we didn't have a readily-accessible view of data from other school districts in the region. Now, we can use EdWise to continue our improvement by finding other districts and schools that have solved challenges similar to our own. For example, we can look for schools in a similar setting, with similar enrollment and demographics who have improved attendance (or any other metric provided in EdWise). Once we identify these schools, we can collaborate and implement similar programs for improvement."

-- Steve Altenhofen, assistant director of data systems, North Kansas City School District