• When can I submit my proposal for consideration to the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship?
    The next round of consideration for the fellowship is now open. Please download the 2018 Request for Proposals to view proposal submission requirements.

  • Are students pursuing doctoral degrees from universities outside of the United States eligible for this fellowship?
    No. Only students pursuing doctoral degrees from accredited U.S. institutions of higher education are eligible.

  • My dissertation contains multiple essays - can I focus on just one?
    As a part of your proposal, you should explain all essays in your dissertation. If only one is related to entrepreneurship, you may focus on that one, but do mention the others so reviewers have a complete picture of your research.

  • May I submit more than one proposal at a time?
    No. Researchers are asked to submit only one proposal per review cycle.

  • If my proposal is not accepted in one funding cycle, may it be re-submitted in subsequent rounds?
    Yes. Proposals may be resubmitted in subsequent funding cycles.

  • May I submit more than one letter of recommendation?
    No. Applicants are encouraged to only submit one letter of recommendation through the online recommendation form.

  • Can more than one researcher apply per research project?
    No. Only one applicant is allowed per proposal.

  • Can more than one researcher apply per academic institution?
    Yes. There is no limit on how many researchers may apply from a single institution.

  • Do applicants need to be affiliated with the business college of their respective university?
    No. The Kauffman Foundation encourages proposals from a variety of academic disciplines for the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship. The dissertation must, however, address questions of importance to entrepreneurship.

  • Does the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship have grants larger than $20,000?
    No. All fellowships are for $20,000.

  • Does the award include overhead costs for the applicant’s institution?
    No. The fellowship will go directly to the researcher, not to the affiliated university. As a result, overhead should not be requested in the proposal.

  • My research is already being supported by another fellowship. Am I still eligible to apply even though my research is already being funded by another fellowship/grant/etc.?
    Yes. The Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship is a competitive grant program. Funds from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation can be used in conjunction with other sources of funding.

  • How will the research be published and disseminated?
    Recipients retain all rights to the research and may publish their findings wherever they wish. The Kauffman Foundation must be acknowledged, however, for providing support for the project. The Kauffman Foundation will only use the findings for its own publications and on its website unless the recipient consents otherwise.

  • When is it expected applicants will finish their dissertations?
    We expect applicants to finish their dissertations during the 2018-2019 academic year; however, we will still consider your application if you intend to finish before or after the specified timeframe. Requests for extensions will be considered on an individual basis.

  • As a Kauffman Dissertation Fellow, will I receive tax documents from the Kauffman Foundation?
    Recipients who are U.S. residents and have no withholding should not receive any tax paperwork (e.g., 1099). This does not mean that the fellowship amount is not or may not be taxable income. Recipients who are non-U.S. residents and have had funds withheld will receive tax documentation explaining that the Kauffman Foundation withheld and paid tax amounts as required by federal law. Because the Foundation cannot provide tax advice, recipients should consult with their qualified tax advisor about how the award does or does not affect their tax situation.

  • Must my dissertation committee approve my proposal prior to submission to the Kauffman Foundation?
    No. A letter of recommendation from a supervising professor is required with your proposal.

  • Will I receive comments from the reviewers?
    Possibly - we share any reviewer comments intended for the author with each applicant after the final decisions have been made.

  • Can I receive a copy or copies of successful proposals from previous years?
    No. The proposals are confidential and cannot be disseminated; however, executive summaries and abstracts from previous fellowship recipients are posted at www.kauffman.org/kdf.

  • Can the Kauffman Foundation tell me if my proposal topic is appropriate for this fellowship?
    No. The proposal topic should directly relate to entrepreneurship, but the Foundation cannot offer any further guidance. Researchers should discuss with their advisors whether it is appropriate for them to apply for this fellowship.