Call for Presentations

For the 2017 Kauffman Entrepreneurship Scholars Conference, there are two different presentation options – you may submit to either or both. Please submit your presentation, abstract, or summary and/or register for the conference here.

Friday Sessions:

Option 1 – Zero Barriers:

Ignite Presentations about how to remove and/or reduce barriers for entrepreneurs, increase firm starts, and enhance the likelihood that new firms will thrive and grow [learn more about “Zero Barriers” and see below for details].

Ignite presentations are 5-minutes long and contain 20 slides (or fewer) that auto-advance [learn more about Ignite presentations and download the presentation template].

Why Ignite?

  1. The short, auto-timed nature of the presentations is a fun yet challenging way to boil down your ideas to present to the entire conference.

  2. If you have a crazy idea or some awesome research results regarding one of these barriers that you would like to share, this is your session.

Please structure your presentation in one of two ways:

  1. Summarize your research or an interesting research finding on a barrier to entrepreneurship. Examples include but are not limited to demographic, socioeconomic, geographic, barriers and access to services and support (e.g., education, financial, and legal).

  2. Address barriers as a whole. For example: how to define a specific barrier, how a barrier can be overcome, how organizations can better understand or work with barriers.

Please submit a draft version of your Ignite presentation (download presentation template).

Presentations will be reviewed and selected based on their thematic alignment (not all submissions will be selected).

Option 2 – Entrepreneurship Research Presentations:

For Friday mid-morning and early afternoon, we will have two sets of three concurrent sessions with three papers each.

Presenters have 15 minutes to share their entrepreneurship research, which will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion and Q&A.

As you structure your presentation, please keep in mind that your fellow scholars come from a wide range of disciplines, and plan to spend 3-5 minutes discussing one or more practical/policy implication(s) of your work.

You may submit an abstract of a paper you wish to discuss, a paragraph summarizing what you would like to present, or a draft version of your presentation.

Submissions will be reviewed and selected based on their thematic alignment (not all submissions will be selected).

Saturday Morning Sessions:

Option 1:  Early Career Peer Support Session (session registration required)

Professors in their first, second, or third year teaching may opt to register for the Early Career Peer Support Session.

This session will be mid-morning on Saturday, so make sure your flight leaves after 2:00 p.m. Saturday if you wish to participate.

PhD students and more seasoned faculty may not participate in this session.

Option 2:  Action Session (no session registration required)

This action session will discuss the “now what?” from the results session on Friday, with a view to communicating the practical solutions from entrepreneurship research to entrepreneurs and those who support them.