Diversifying Entrepreneurial Opportunity

photo: City of St. Pete via Flickr

Why an inclusive ecosystem matters and how to make it happen

2016 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship

November 30 – December 2
St. Petersburg, Florida

Creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem requires more than attracting young founders of high-tech startups. Like all healthy ecosystems, it takes variety to thrive. Entrepreneurs come in all stripes and so do their companies and industries. How can a city make entrepreneurial opportunities available to all?

Join mayors, economic development leaders and entrepreneurs from across the country for the Kauffman Foundation’s fourth annual Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship. Held in partnership with Mayor Rick Kriseman of St. Petersburg, the event will explore how cities can build diverse, inclusive entrepreneurial systems that foster equitable economic growth. 

Strong ecosystems foster entrepreneurship in all its forms, from startup founder to seasoned entrepreneur; from male and female founders age 18 to post-retirement; from high-tech and retail to gig economy and emerging industries; from small shop to international conglomerate. Conference attendees will share insights into how to develop integrated policies, programs and networks that will create a fertile environment for inclusive entrepreneurship.

Topics include:

  • How to engage potential entrepreneurs – especially those often facing the greatest barriers, such as women and minorities – in developing the ecosystem
  • How to connect entrepreneurs of all types and backgrounds
  • Support strategies for diverse businesses, from startups to Main Street small businesses, to high-growth firms
  • Policies that foster entrepreneurship and create economic opportunity
  • Creative and innovative solutions to other long-standing city issues

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