Frequently Asked Questions

What is State of the Field?

State of the Field is a peer-reviewed, gated, wiki resource that seeks to translate and summarize different topics in entrepreneurship research so it can be used and easily digested by the broader public.

Why is this useful and relevant?

Think of State of the Field as a continuously updated "CliffsNotes" for topics in entrepreneurship. Each topic has a general overview, areas for future research, and a list of references with links for those who want to dive deeper. For example, you can find the difference between venture capital and corporate venture capital, or learn about the different types of crowdfunding.

Who should use this site?

State of the Field is designed for anyone interested in understanding entrepreneurship. We anticipate that primary users are/will be:

  • Journalists and bloggers
  • Policymakers and their staffs
  • Entrepreneurship support organizations (e.g., accelerators, incubators)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academics who teach the featured topics
  • Academics in other fields
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in entrepreneurship research

How should I use the site?

Check out the Topic Map to see what topics are relevant to you for your project, story, class or area of interest, or type keywords or phrases into the Search bar at the top of the site.

For a deeper dive in each individual topic area:

  • Learn the areas yet to be studied in Future Research
  • Learn about the data behind each topic area in Data Sources
  • Read the studies behind the research in References

To learn who the expert in each topic is, visit the Authors page. Our authors are highly engaged in academic research in entrepreneurship and have much to offer beyond their contributions to State of the Field. We hope that State of the Field can help introduce you to this group of experts.

The User Resources area consists of categories of resources:

  • Research Resources: information curated and developed by the Kauffman Foundation related to entrepreneurship research
  • Data Resources: guidance on how to use certain datasets. Datasets serve as data reference guides for academics, other data providers, or anyone interested in research developments in entrepreneurship, with short, digestible, two-page overviews.

Page last updated 5 July 2018