Entrepreneurship demographics include the entrepreneurs' age, gender, immigrant status, and race, among others. This section presents an understanding of how these traits matter when starting a business.


Millennial and boomer entrepreneurship is a fast-growing emerging field of research. Studies have examined how entrepreneurs from those generations interact, and the barriers and motivations of each generation. New research features post-retirement entrepreneurial entrance, how student loans impact entrepreneurship, and what age is most typical for startups. 

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A substantial amount of gender inequality exists in entrepreneurial activity. Barriers to women's entrepreneurship are commonly studied and include access to financing, culturally constructed perceptions on abilities, and stereotypical traits of entrepreneurs. This section discusses some of the existing and emerging research in this field of study. 

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We know that immigrants in the United States tend to be more entrepreneurial than the native-born population. Available data suggest that immigrants are make up a large part of business founders and innovators. This section discusses in more detail what we know on immigrant entrepreneurship. 

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The racial categories of persons in the U.S. owning businesses can be broadly grouped into African American ("Black"), Asian, Hispanic, and White. This section offers an approach to analyzing research on race and entrepreneurship, and analyzes management, money, and markets as sources of racial gaps in business performance.

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