When early-stage firms seek large investments to scale and grow, equity sales provide an avenue to acquire that necessary capital. Venture capitalists and angel investors are generally the type of investors that are active in these equity markets, seeking out companies that have extraordinary growth potential. The different kinds of investors in equity markets suit particular types of entrepreneurs and growth plans.


Business angels are high-net-worth individuals who invest their own money in startup and emerging companies. They represent the primary source of seed and startup capital for entrepreneurial ventures in most advanced economies.

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Corporate Venture Capital


Corporate venture capital (CVC) is an equity investment by an established corporation in entrepreneurial ventures. In contrast to individual venture capitalists who purely focus on financial returns, most corporations seek strategic benefits in addition to financial returns.

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Venture Capital (VC)


Venture capital is an equity investment focused on financial returns. Research has found that companies receiving venture capital appear to grow faster, adopt more professional structures earlier, and are more likely to be acquired or go public (IPO).

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