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Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Research Resources

The Kauffman Foundation supports a number of research resources to help build out our knowledge dissemination-base. We hope that the resources we help build can be helpful and supplemental of the great work the experts have built out in State of the Field. The resources are available for all and we hope that they will support for a wide range of researchers, policymakers, journalists, and entrepreneurship support organizations.

Entrepreneurship Research Blog

Written by a team of Kauffman associates and expert researchers, Growthology provides insight and analysis about entrepreneurship and education.

As the premier resource for exploring entrepreneurship research, Growthology makes complex findings accessible to entrepreneurs, policymakers, media outlets, and fellow researchers.

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Kauffman Emerging Scholars

Network of Entrepreneurship Research Scholars
Energing Scholars

By assisting talented scholars in their efforts to earn their Ph.D., encouraging early-career research, and recognizing ground-breaking research, the Kauffman Foundation is encouraging the best and the brightest to focus their academic careers on entrepreneurship.

In funding scholarly research that helps us understand the role of entrepreneurship in society and its policy implications, the Foundation has established:

  • Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program
  • Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship
  • Kauffman Prize Medal for Distinguished Research in Entrepreneurship
  • Doctoral and Early Career Training Programs in Entrepreneurship

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Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship Series

Collection of Entrepreneurship Statistics


The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship is a new series from the Kauffman Foundation bringing together the latest data available on entrepreneurial trends nationally, at the state level, and for the forty largest metropolitan areas of the United States. The Index is based on extensive entrepreneurship research, with an approach focused on presenting a balanced perspective on how to measure entrepreneurship. 

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New Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda (NEG)

Collection of Essays on Entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Foundation’s initiative to develop new ideas for how to spur broad-based economic growth and opportunity through entrepreneurship. The New Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda is a collection of essays written by the nation's leading researchers and policy experts offering recommendations for how national, state, and local governments can foster entrepreneurship. These essays are rich in content and cover myriad issues that affect entrepreneurship and vice versa, from technology creation and destruction, to inequality, talent, and education improvements, to a focus on cities, overall policies, and politics.

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Entrepreneurship Policy Digest

Research Summaries for Policymakers
Policy Digest Logo

As a leading funder of economic research through the lens of entrepreneurship and education, the Kauffman Foundation compiles summaries of findings around relevant policy issues that will inform and educate lawmakers.

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Kansas City Research Data Center

Federal Research Data Center

The Kansas City Research Data Center (KCRDC) is located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and provides area researchers with access to some of the nation’s highest-quality data for analysis of U.S. economic and public policy issues.

The KCRDC is a consortium consisting of the Kauffman Foundation, the University of Kansas, the University of Kansas Medical Center, the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  The KCRDC provides data to researchers from across the region in fields such as economics, entrepreneurship, demography, urban and regional development, statistics, health care, and public policy to assist in answering research questions.

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Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN)

Entrepreneurship Research Collaborative 

The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network is a collaboration of research organizations around the world whose goals are to generate useful and actionable knowledge for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and others; fill gaps in what we know about entrepreneurship; standardize data, especially longitudinal survey work; conduct experiments and evaluation of entrepreneurship education and training programs; and, gain a better understanding of policy barriers and what the right policies are for fostering entrepreneurship. Key founding partners, along with Kauffman, are Endeavor Insight and the World Bank.

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