Kauffman Founders School eBook Offers Insights from Entrepreneurs Who Put it All on the Line

Prospective entrepreneurs can learn from the experiences of seven company founders who persevered through hardship to start their own ventures

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) Jan. 29, 2015 – As a new Kauffman Founders School eBook proves, entrepreneurs take crazy risks to pursue their dreams.

"Seven Entrepreneurs Who Put it All on the Line," the inaugural eBook from Founders School, released today, shares the experiences of people who walked headfirst into the unknown to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

These startup company owners were interviewed as part of the Founder Genius video series, in which entrepreneurs share insights on starting and running businesses. The eBook content was drawn from those interviews.

"In all of these interviews, entrepreneurs were telling us great stories about why they were doing what they were doing, and we really wanted to share them," said Amanda Schnieders, senior program coordinator in Entrepreneurship at the Foundation. "An ebook is a great way to bring these insights together in one big dose of motivation."

Among other topics, the featured individuals explain what motivated them to start their ventures, the struggles they faced and the advice they have to offer would-be entrepreneurs.

The Founders School eBook addresses topics that are important to new and existing startup owners.

"Seven Entrepreneurs Who Put it All on the Line" is available for free download here.