Aging and Rising Generations May Be the Future of Entrepreneurship, According to Latest Kauffman Policy Digest

Digest includes recommendations to boost entrepreneurship and features video of experts offering policy ideas

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) Feb. 25, 2015 – Since new and young firms are the key drivers of economic growth in the United States, slowing business creation rates raise questions about who or what will shape the future of the economy.

According to a new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest released today by the Kauffman Foundation, the two biggest demographic developments in America today—the aging of baby boomers and the maturation of millennials—could have a positive influence on the economy if public policy helps them reach their entrepreneurial potential.

The Policy Digest offers demographic data on baby boomers and millennials, highlighting positive and negative influences on their entrepreneurial potential, such as access and exposure to entrepreneurship education, high student debt and household net worth.

The Digest covers several areas of policy that will shape the environment for entrepreneurs in these demographic groups and others, including:

  • Student debt and the accumulation of assets
  • Tax structures
  • Occupational licensing and non-compete agreements

Also included are video clips of panelists from the Foundation's 2015 State of Entrepreneurship Address who share policy suggestions for boosting levels of entrepreneurship among these two key demographic groups.

Read the full Entrepreneurship Policy Digest.

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