Entrepreneurs Share Secrets to Achieving Balance between Work and Family in Second Founders School eBook

Taking cues from eight company founders who share their strategies, entrepreneurs can move toward lives that are more fulfilling on both sides of the work/life equation

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) May 13, 2015 – Because entrepreneurs have to be “all in,” their businesses can consume them unless they devise and follow strategies for balancing the competing demands of work and family.

In “Startup Balance: Finding the Harmony Between Work and Life,” the second eBook in the Kauffman Founders School series, startup owners share their pull-no-punches secrets for creating harmony between the people they love and the dreams they’re trying to accomplish.

The founders were interviewed as part of the Founder Genius video series, in which entrepreneurs share insights on starting and running businesses. The eBook content was drawn from those interviews.

The featured entrepreneurs share their perspectives on the journey toward achieving work/life balance, including minimizing stress in family interactions, setting boundaries around time commitments and the importance of spousal support.

The ongoing Kauffman Founders School eBook series addresses topics that are important to new and prospective startup owners, illustrating both the anxiety and the excitement of taking the entrepreneurial leap.

“Startup Balance: Finding the Harmony Between Work and Life” is available for free download here.