Kauffman School Students Outpace Peers on State Test

"Class of 2023” makes tremendous gains in communication arts, math and science, exceeding expectations for yearly academic progress

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Aug. 18, 2015) — The results are in, and Ewing Marion Kauffman School students have achieved outstanding results on the 2015 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) state test.

Eighth-grade students at the Kauffman School—known as the Class of 2023 for the year they will graduate from college—exceeded expectations for testing. In communication arts, 80 percent scored proficient. In math, 81 percent scored proficient, and in science, 76 percent of Kauffman School eighth graders were proficient. Missouri eighth graders as a whole were 58 percent, 28 percent and 49 percent proficient in communication arts, math and science, respectively. Their achievements come after only four years at the Kauffman School, where they arrived, on average, three years behind grade level.

Younger students also fared well on the MAP test. Sixth and seventh graders at the Kauffman School met or exceeded the state average in both communication arts and math (they were not tested on science). Fifth graders, in their first year at Kauffman, exceeded the state average in communication arts.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our students,” said Hannah Lofthus, founding principal and CEO of the Kauffman School. “We set high standards for our students. Our goal is to continually achieve higher levels of proficiency on the MAP test, and this year, they faced a more difficult state assessment than ever before. Through the hard work of our students, families and staff, our students have proved that they are on track to becoming college graduates.”

In 2014-15, Missouri transitioned from a paper-based test to an online exam aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The exam was designed to be more rigorous for all students. Despite this challenge, the Kauffman School students tested well above grade level.

Before enrolling at the Kauffman School, Class of 2023 students were performing below their Missouri peers. As fifth-graders in 2011-12, only 37 percent of these same students were proficient in communication arts, 49 percent were proficient in math and 43 percent were proficient in science.

The next challenge for these scholars? High school. This year, the Kauffman School welcomes its first class of ninth graders. Their first day is Wednesday, Aug. 19.

About the Ewing Marion Kauffman School
The Kauffman School is a rigorous college preparatory school founded in 2011 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The mission of the Kauffman School is to prepare students to excel academically, graduate from college and apply their unique talents in the world to create economically independent and personally fulfilling lives. For more information, visit kauffmanschool.org.