New Features Added to Online Education Database

EdWise now provides comparison tools and updated Missouri test scores

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (August 18, 2015) — Just in time for the release of state test scores in Missouri, EdWise has launched two new tools aimed at helping educators, policymakers, researchers and non-profits easily access and analyze education data.

The Kauffman Foundation debuted EdWise, an online database of Kansas and Missouri K-12 metrics, in June. Its first two tools were designed to help users easily mine school and district data in a range of categories—such as assessments, demographics, finance, staff and transportation. EdWise uses only publicly available education data. It does not identify individual students, teachers or programs.

The two newest EdWise tools give an even more comprehensive look at education data. The Summary Graph tool allows users to compare schools or districts from across either state in more than 500 categories. The State Test Score tool offers two ways to access assessment data in just a few mouse clicks—the first includes test results from 2008 to 2014; the second provides just 2015 test data (because of a new testing method, data from this year should be analyzed separately from previous years’ data).

“We believe EdWise will help users make informed decisions about education, and we hope it will make a positive impact on communities in Kansas and Missouri,” said Christopher Laubenthal, senior data analyst at the Kauffman Foundation and EdWise’s chief architect. “And we’re not done yet. We’re continuing to meet with educators and researchers to hear their feedback, and we’re planning new features and tools that will make EdWise an even more useful tool in the future.”

The Kauffman Foundation spent three years developing EdWise, collaborating with state departments of education, local school districts and education researchers throughout the process. EdWise contains more than 14 million data points spanning 25 years.

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