Successful Entrepreneurs Provide Tips on Hiring and Management in New Kauffman Founders School eBook

Seven experienced founders share lessons learned from their hiring successes and challenges.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (October 22, 2015) – In Hiring and Management: How Smart Leaders Build Great Teams, a free eBook from Kauffman Founders School, experienced entrepreneurs provide simple hiring and management tips that can help startups build a productive and engaged workforce.

Hiring is tricky for early-stage companies. Each new employee can significantly impact the organization’s operating budget, portfolio of skills and corporate culture. What’s more, many entrepreneurs have no training in recruitment and management nor the budget to outsource these critical tasks.

This new eBook features seven successful entrepreneurs whose relatable, real-life examples illustrate how good and bad hiring decisions affected their early operations. They also discuss proven strategies for selecting the best candidate from the applicant pool, the importance of cultural fit and how to shape a team for long-term success.

This is the third eBook in the ongoing Kauffman Founders School eBook series. Hiring and Management: How Smart Leaders Build Great Teams is available for free download here.

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