New Kauffman Founders School Videos Illustrate How to Grow a Company

Leading experts address the challenges of scaling a startup

 (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) Feb. 10, 2016 While starting a business requires the insight and creativity to meet customer needs in a new and innovative way, strategically growing a business requires an entirely different set of skills. Kate Mitchell and Rory O’Driscoll of Scale Venture Partners explain how to make the transition successfully in Scaling Your Company, a new video series from Kauffman Founders School.

“When you transition from a startup business to a scaling business, you’re no longer in experimentation mode,” O’Driscoll explains. “When you’re ready to scale, it is all about execution. This has major implications for how you organize your company and how you manage your team.”

“Being first with a new product or service won’t necessarily make you the largest or most successful, especially if your concept is easy to duplicate,” Mitchell adds. “Making the customer number one in everything you do is the key to successful scaling.”

In this free, online lesson, Mitchell and O’Driscoll explain how to:

  • Choose a growth strategy
  • Scale your product or service
  • Build the right team
  • Understand your economic model
  • Monitor your metrics
  • Fund your growth

Mitchell and O’Driscoll are founding members of Scale Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley-based firm that invests in startup software companies that are transforming the future of business. In addition, Mitchell is past chairman of the National Venture Capital Association and is a member of the NASDAQ Private Market Advisory Board. O’Driscoll has been recognized by the Forbes Midas List and AlwaysOn Power Players in Venture Capital for his investments.

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