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Employer Engagement

Connecting Students to Employers

Employers play an essential role. Providing students with authentic problem-solving experiences allows students to see how their interests, aptitudes, and skills connect to local work opportunities. Employers can support learners by:

  • Exploration of their industry.
  • Engagement with content connected to the working world.
  • Immersion through authentic environments and experiences with professionals.
  • Whole system support, working with district leadership to advance common goals.


Develop awareness through short bursts of content or activities


How a district might raise the quality or close the gap to meet regional MVA goals


How a district might create new opportunities for students to acquire MVAs

Share Your Work with a Student

Quality real-world learning experiences allow students to see how their interests, aptitudes, and skills connect to local work opportunities. Employers play a key role in providing students with hands-on, authentic problem-solving experiences and connections to professional resources.

5 Easy Ways to Engage with Students

  • Serve as a classroom guest speaker (in-person or virtual).
  • Allow a student to job shadow for a day.
  • Sponsor a client-connected project.
  • Review a student resume and conduct a mock interview.
  • Provide an internship opportunity.

Share Your Work with a Teacher

Exposing teachers to businesses and employers gives them industry knowledge and insight needed to guide students’ path and to make curriculum relevant and engaging. Contact RWL to support a teacher >

5 Ways to Engage with Teachers

  • Have a one-on-one informational interview.
  • Allow a teacher to job shadow for a day.
  • Host teachers for an externship opportunity (summer).
  • Help with equipment for the classroom.
  • Provide curriculum input or support.

Toolkit for Employer Engagement

RWL Overview

Cover of RWL one-pager, updated July 2021

Summary to support conversations with employers who should engage with your district/organizations.

RWL Engagement Menu

Engagement Menu cover | Real World Learning

Guidance on creating consistent employer engagement among the explore, engage, and immerse continuum.

RWL FAQ Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

RWL FAQ Project Lead the Way

A resource with common questions and ideas about how PLTW can be extended into MVA-level experiences.

RWL Executive Committee

Executive Committee | Real World Learning

The 2020/2021 Executive Committee Roster outlines employers, superintendents, and postsecondary leaders involved in the project.

RWL Meet the Intermediaries

RWL Meet the Intermediaries | Spring 2021 cover

Education intermediaries are collaborators focused specifically on providing services to districts, parents, and students.

If you are an employer (for-profit, nonprofit, any industry) and want to get engaged with the Real World Learning initiative, take our quick survey and we will get in touch with more information.