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Rethink Ed 2018

Rethink Ed 2019

The future of learning

Learn from the first national survey about perceptions of students, employers and parents regarding the future of learning. And learn more about what the Kansas City community is doing to future-proof our region.

Watch: “What is the future of work and is education preparing our students for the real world?” | 10:20

The future of human potential

Watch: “Dr. Vivienne Ming at Rethink ED” | 16:39

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Learn from Dr. Vivienne Ming, a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author, as she explores how to build a citizen for the future.

The future of representation

Watch: “Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledger at Rethink ED” | 13:23

Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledgar

Learn from Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledger about what learning could look like with a culturally responsive pedagogy and the harm of assimilation on students.