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Let’s Start Rethinking

Watch: “Rethink ED 2019 Welcome” | 7:45

Miles Sandler, director of engagement in Education for the Kauffman Foundation, welcomed the crowd at Rethink ED, and we heard from Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, executive director and chief operating officer for the DeBruce Foundation, who shared the Foundation’s newest tool, the Agile Work Profiler.

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Watch: “Dr. Vivienne Ming at Rethink ED” | 16:39

We also heard from Dr. Vivienne Ming, a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author who took us through an exploration journey on the future of human potential. She stated, “How do we build a citizen for the future? Your value to the world is what makes you different.”

Dr. Michelle Sadrena

Closing out our morning firestarters was Dr. Michelle Sadrena Pledger, who took us on a journey on what a culturally responsive pedagogy could look like for students through a project, and what the effects of assimilation could have on a student.

Susana Elizarraraz

Watch: “Susana Elizarraraz, 6th grade math teacher at Rethink ED” | 9:33

We concluded the event with a dynamic educator, Susana Elizarraraz, who shared her perspective on why representation matters, how it should be considered, and why trusting our students is important as we rethink education.