Kauffman Compilation: Research on Gender and Entrepreneurship

For entrepreneurs, experience matters. Formal education, previous work experience, and past failures are all factors that help shape entrepreneurs. Despite formative experiences, for many entrepreneurs, barriers remain.   

The Kauffman Foundation works to help entrepreneurship thrive by identifying these barriers and exploring both programmatic and policy solutions to address them. One set of barriers to increased entrepreneurship is the underrepresentation of women entrepreneurs.

This fact sheet lists a range or research, articles and blog posts addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

With American women half as likely to become entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts, the U.S. economy is missing out on potential innovation and economic growth. What can be done to help decrease the obstacles facing women entrepreneurs?   

In this volume, we have assembled an assortment of Kauffman’s work on addressing the entrepreneurial gender gap. The compilation that follows highlights a range of Kauffman resources that incorporate gender research.  

For additional information on gender-related research beyond this compilation: