Program Officer – Data and Measurement

The Program Officer – Data and Measurement manages a grant portfolio that focuses on data-driven research, methods of measuring key concepts, and other data-related initiatives, including: new mechanisms to gather, compile, and access data; data applications; and validation of new measurement approaches that support research focused on informing entrepreneurs, organizations that support entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and policymakers.

Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Lead the data and measurement work across the entrepreneurship program area to make sure staff and grantees are informed about new datasets, methods of measurement, and evolving approaches to conducting research on key questions related to strategic goals, and serve as point of contact for data and methods work.
  • Engage with research and program officers to anticipate development of research that may serve their data and measurement needs; ensure existing data and research is easily accessible to grant makers.
  • Develop and manage grants and research initiatives that lead to new datasets and indicators that ultimately support research focused on improving the success of entrepreneurs and/or which is relevant to entrepreneurship support organizations and policymakers.

For a complete description of this position, and instructions on how to apply, please read this document [PDF].