Google to Alphabet, Acqui-hires, and Occupational Licensing

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson summarizes some excellent pieces on the different kinds of acqui-hires, the Google to Alphabet bet, and the White House's focus on the effects of occupational licensingRead More >

Expelling 4 Myths of High-Growth Companies

Do you think most of the fast-growing companies in the United States are venture-backed tech companies based in Silicon Valley? A look at a potential SXSW presentation on 4 myths of high-growth companies by the Kauffman Foundation. Read More >

Where Unicorns Come From: Genealogy of $1B+ Companies

How do "Unicorns" - Companies valued at over $1B get started? A look at a SXSW session the Kauffman Foundation hopes to lead. Read More >

Startup Capital and the Native American Entrepreneur

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch highlights the financing challenge among many Native American entrepreneurs in the third part of her four part series.Read More >

Dissertations in Entrepreneurship: Seeking More Scholars

With less than a week away from the deadline for the 2016 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship, Growthology highlights some of the great work from dissertations completed this year by previous fellows. Read More >

Research-based Sessions for SXSW Interactive 2016

Kauffman researchers Alex Krause and Colin Tomkins-Bergh aim to bring their findings on entrepreneurship behavior, demographics, and trends to SXSW 2016. Read More >

Buying Talent by Buying the Business

Acqui-whats? Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explains what acqui-hires are and how it makes sense for some companies.Read More >

5 Sets of Challenges Native American Entrepreneurs Face

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch explores the challenges facing Native American entrepreneurs in the second part of her four part series. Read More >

Trust and Entrepreneurship: A Presentation by Martin Ljunge

How does trust impact the likelihood of starting a business venture? Martin Ljunge, of the Research Instiute of Industrial Economics taught us about his work in trust – how cultural perceptions of trust impact economic decisions, such as the decision to start a business. Read More >

Top Entrepreneurship Papers of July 2015: What Made the List?

Each month, we’re hoping to better answer the question: what’s being read by academics with an interest in entrepreneurship? In July 2015, these were the most downloaded entrepreneurship papers. Read More >