Innovation Series: Invention vs. Diffusion

Kauffman researcher Jordan Bell-Masterson looks at an underappreciated side of innovation: diffusion.Read More >

Weekend Links for Feb 27, 2015

A selection from what the Kauffman research team has been reading.Read More >

The Celebritization of Entrepreneurs

Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh explores the current entrepreneurship zeitgist and its potential implications on potential and young entrepreneurs.Read More >

1 Million Cups 2.0

Kauffman Foundation researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh explains the evolution of the 1 Million Cups Program as it has spread across the country into 69 cities in less than three years.Read More >

Economics and Teacher Prep: Higher Standards Needed

Kauffman researcher Christopher Laubenthal explores challenges of teacher training in the 21st century in his "Human Capital and the Economy" series.Read More >

Kauffman Emerging Scholars Initiative

Kauffman researcher Alex Krause overviews the Kauffman Emerging Scholars Initiative for her blog series on the same subject. Read More >

Help Shift the Economy Into Drive with Immigration Reform

Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explores how immigrants contribute to economic growth and shows that current immigration policy is holding back the economy from functioning at its potential.Read More >

The Many Flavors of Crowdfunding

Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson takes a look at how crowdfunding has become part of the menu of financing options for entrepreneurs and how the different types of crowdfunding achieve different goals.Read More >

5 Reasons to be Concerned About Student Debt

Kauffman researcher Josh Russell gives five reasons why you should be concerned about student debt and provides insights into student debt relief.Read More >

10 Years to Overnight Success and The Creator’s Code

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix explores the findings on Amy Wilkinson's new book The Creator's CodeRead More >