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Our Commitment to Ethics

As stewards of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, we dedicate ourselves to preserving its vision and mission.

Our actions emphasize equity, legality, objectivity, impartiality, and credibility. We protect Ewing Kauffman’s legacy and the Foundation’s reputation, guided by integrity and respect in all our endeavors. This is reinforced by our Code of Ethics, among other things.

Mr. Kauffman emphasized treating others as you want to be treated, not only as a moral principle but as the best way to conduct business. All Foundation associates and those engaged with the Foundation are required to uphold high ethical standards, as detailed in our Code of Ethics.

If you have a reason to believe that someone associated with the Foundation is not meeting ethical expectations, there are four ways you can express your concerns: I. discussing directly with the person or people involved, II. filling out our Code of Ethics contact form, III. submitting an anonymous report through our Ethics Reporting Portal, or IV. filling out our Convening Code of Conduct contact form.

We appreciate your commitment to advancing the Foundation’s values and mission and protecting the integrity of its operations.

I. Discuss the issue directly

You can discuss the issue directly with the person or people involved, your point of contact, the manager of the person involved, or any other Foundation manager.

II. Code of Ethics

If direct discussions don’t resolve the matter or aren’t possible, you can speak to several members of the Kauffman Foundation who are thoroughly trained on our Foundation-wide policies and committed to a proper resolution. Contact information is available through the form below.

To support reporting, the Foundation’s Code of Ethics includes an anti-retaliation policy to ensure that those who raise a genuine concern or cooperate with an investigation are protected from any form of retaliation.

III. Ethics Reporting Portal

For a confidential submission, file a report through the Ethics Reporting Portal or by calling (855) 748-5770. All reports submitted through the Ethics Reporting Portal are confidential to the fullest extent possible, including an option for anonymity.

Types of Anonymous Reports

Code of Ethics/Policy

Violations of a Foundation policy such as its Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower, or other similar policies.

Discrimination or

Actions or decisions in employment, program participation, or otherwise that are made on the basis of a protected status such as race, gender, or religion.


Misappropriation of Foundation funds through activities such as evasion of financial controls, theft, embezzlement, or similar activities.


Reports involving the misappropriation or misuse of grant funds, failure to use grant funds for an intended purpose, or failure to conform to grant agreement requirements.

Misuse of
Foundation Assets

Misappropriation of Foundation assets other than money for the benefit/enrichment of financial controls, theft, embezzlement, or similar activities.


Ethics Reporting Portal Frequently Asked Questions

The Ethics Reporting Portal is designed for associates or community members to report any violation of our Code of Ethics or other concerns they may have.

We certainly do. In fact, we need you to report. You know what is going on in our Foundation – both good and bad. You may have initial knowledge of an activity that may be cause for concern. Your reporting can minimize the potential negative impact on the company and our colleagues. Also, offering positive input may help identify issues that can improve corporate culture and performance.

Our Foundation chooses to promote ethical behavior. All unethical conduct, at any level, ultimately hurts the Foundation, its associates, and the communities we serve. So, if you know if any incidents of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your stewardship responsibility to yourself, your colleagues, and our community, to report it.

File a report. The Ethics Reporting Portal can help you prepare and file your report so it can be properly understood. We’d rather you report a situation that turns out to be harmless than let possible unethical behavior go unchecked because you weren’t sure.

The Ethics Reporting Portal and report distribution are designed so that implicated parties are not notified or granted access to reports in which they have been named.

IV. Convening Code of Conduct

The Kauffman Foundation’s Convening Code of Conduct strives to foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere by prohibiting discrimination and harassment at its events. All participants, including organizers, vendors, speakers, and attendees, are expected to engage in respectful conversation and collaboration. Prohibited behaviors include demeaning comments, threats, unwelcome advances, and any discriminatory acts.

The Foundation is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes diversity, equity, and respectful interactions among all participants. Read the full policy and submit a report >