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July 7, 2022 | Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation President and CEO Wendy Guillies announces retirement after 22 years of leadership and impact. Read her retirement announcement >

Take risks. Own success. Be uncommon.

WE BELIEVE all people – regardless of their background – should have the opportunity to learn, take risks, and own their own success.

Yet, all the money in the world cannot solve problems unless we work together.

So, we first listen to the communities we serve, tap into our learnings and relationships, and bring everyone together…

… to build and support programs that improve education, boost entrepreneurship, and help our hometown of Kansas City thrive.


Get stories, insights, and the uncommon voices of those who are shaping the future.


Success that ensures the opportunity of prosperity for all can’t be achieved within broken systems; true success will only come from systems we rebuild better.
Ewing Kauffman shakes hands with a woman outside of Marion Laboratories, Inc.

Our Founder

Ewing Marion Kauffman believed every person has the opportunity to be uncommon and take risks to achieve success.

Learn about Mr. K’s legacy