What does it mean to be uncommon?
What is the measure of success?
Can we rethink groupthink?
Can America turn its back on immigrants?
Is the middle the new edge?
Do we have the courage to collaborate?
Who is Generation A?
Is post-industrial America ready to punch back?
"We're not trying to develop major league players. We're trying to develop major league citizens."

— Coach Cle Ross, Kansas City Urban Youth Academy baseball program coordinator
KCUYA: Major league citizens

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Uncommon Voices

Uncommon voices

You might have to intentionally look beneath all the rethinking, reimagining, frustration, and setbacks of 2018 to see progress, but it was there. The sparks of progress were lit, and kept burning, by some uncommon folks.

The 115th U.S. Congress

Entrepreneurs say it's a great big economy

Get past easy headlines and political angling to see what entrepreneurs are really telling legislators.

Corey Scholes and family

Representation matters

A new study emphasizing the importance of teachers of color is no surprise to Corey Scholes.

Literacy KC

Scaling literacy education with the approach of a startup

Literacy KC has adapted, evolved – even moved – to meet the need and expand the benefits of literacy to individuals, families, and the community.

Is post-industrial America ready to punch back?

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