What does it mean to be uncommon?
What is the measure of success?
Can we rethink groupthink?
Can America turn its back on immigrants?
Is the middle the new edge?
Do we have the courage to collaborate?
Who is Generation A?
Is post-industrial America ready to punch back?

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Rethink Ed 2019 panel

Preparing students for the future means giving them agency now

In a live panel broadcast from Rethink Ed, those working to provide students with real world opportunities discuss how these experiences cultivate the skills and mindsets students need to be successful.

Joe Kapp, co-founder of RuralRISE, speaks at ESHIP Summit 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri

A life of meaning

Joe Kapp is working to break down barriers to create access to resources and opportunities that clear a path to entrepreneurship for those in rural America.

Aaron North keynote at Rethink Ed 2019

New survey highlights disconnect between high school and the real world

If the purpose of high school is to prepare students for the real world, does it? A recent survey of students, parents, and employers finds that real world skills are more important than ever.

HaWaTay’s Gift Shop & Supplies, Alton Porter | photo by Justin Wan

Small business owners secure viable funding in rural communities

Business owners in towns such as Walthill, Nebraska, benefit from a nontraditional lending source – CDFI.

"You're doing something in a way that's never been done before for people that have never been included in the process. That's power. You are the evolution. The revolution."

— Dell Gines, senior community development advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Takeaways from the ESHIP Summit 2019
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