What does it mean to be uncommon?
What is the measure of success?
Can we rethink groupthink?
Can America turn its back on immigrants?
Is the middle the new edge?
Do we have the courage to collaborate?
Who is Generation A?
Is post-industrial America ready to punch back?

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West 18th Street Fashion Show

Front row at West 18th Street

Kansas City’s West 18th Street Fashion Show is the culmination of two decades of development that puts the inclusive, creative, and entrepreneurial community now known as the Crossroads Arts District on full display.

Mayors and entrepreneurs should see each other as allies.

Mayors and entrepreneurs should see each other as allies

In cities and towns where city leaders and entrepreneurs work together, they create communities with vibrant local economies where startups and small businesses thrive.

Sherie Austin

Housing stability for students and families

Justice in the Schools helps families avoid housing disruption as hundreds of families live on the brink of homelessness in Kansas City.

Mildred, Kansas, dancing

Because of three coolers, Mildred dances on Saturday nights

With the support of NetWork Kansas, there’s a grocery store in Mildred, Kansas. Networks of rural ecosystem builders help dismantle barriers for rural entrepreneurs – whether it’s supporting the success of the one business in town, or sustaining a vibrant ‘micropolis.’

"You're doing something in a way that's never been done before for people that have never been included in the process. That's power. You are the evolution. The revolution."

— Dell Gines, senior community development advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Takeaways from the ESHIP Summit 2019
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