What does it mean to be uncommon?
What is the measure of success?
Can we rethink groupthink?
Can America turn its back on immigrants?
Is the middle the new edge?
Do we have the courage to collaborate?
Who is Generation A?
Is post-industrial America ready to punch back?
"We're not trying to develop major league players. We're trying to develop major league citizens."

— Coach Cle Ross, Kansas City Urban Youth Academy baseball program coordinator
KCUYA: Major league citizens

Kauffman Currents

Stories and insights that underscore the essential role of education and entrepreneurship in empowering all people to shape their futures, create vibrant communities, and grow an inclusive economy.

Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship

Indicators provide early-stage entrepreneurship data

A new approach tracks entrepreneurial activity across two decades, geographies, and demographic groups, focused on the crucial first year of business.

Kansas City Museum

Designs on creating a cultural hub

A deliberate, intentional redesign process will allow Kansas City Museum to pay homage to its beginnings and provide Kansas City with a state-of-the-art center for regional history and cultural heritage when it opens in 2020.

Opportunity to build her 'Own Lane'

In a district with only 6 percent black business owners, Chanel Scales lives out her entrepreneurial journey with the support of the MORTAR family as a brick-and-mortar business owner in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood.

Kauffman Foundation statues

Entrepreneur and business leader appointed to board of trustees

Matthew Condon, a long-time entrepreneur in the health industry and champion of business in Kansas City, joins the Kauffman Foundation Board of Trustees.

Our Founder

Ewing Marion Kauffman believed every person has the opportunity to be uncommon and take risks to achieve success.

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