This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Spring Recess

Both houses of Congress are in recess with members scheduled to return on Monday, April 13. Read More >

Obama Announces July Trip to Kenya to Talk Entrepreneurship

This morning, President Barack Obama announced he will travel to Kenya in July to lead his annual entrepreneurship summit. Leading up to the event, PDE will invite comments on possible policy themes as leaders from around the world look for more precise and impactful measures for increasing rates of new firm formation back home. Today, the importance of women entrepreneurs to economic growth.Read More >

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2015 Comes to a Close

It is a fairly common refrain that "entrepreneurship is messy." Last week's Global Entrepreneurship Congress reminded us of this -- from entrepreneurs sharing stories of repeated failures before pivoting toward success to policymakers searching for an elusive roadmap to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: The Internet of Things

This week, members of Congress get an up-close look at the Internet of Things with a showcase and committee hearing that examine the benefits of connected devices while exploring security and privacy issues as the global market doubles in the next five years.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: FCC, Patent Reform and More

With members of the House returning to Washington after a quick recess, the schedule is packed full of congressional committee hearings this week. Read More >

Addressing the Demand for Better Entrepreneurship Research

Seeking a better understanding of the phenomenon that is entrepreneurship, the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network held its Annual Meeting today in Milan to examine fundamental questions about fostering entrepreneurship, share research findings, and develop new joint research initiatives.Read More >

How Much Do Taxes Affect Startup Investment Incentives?

Taxes create a wedge between what a new venture earns and what investors receive, boosting the hurdle rate that must be met in order to attract funding. But how much?Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Venture Exchanges for Startups

With the House of Representatives on recess this week, it is a somewhat quieter week ahead in Washington. However, there are still several Senate committee hearings that are of interest--including a look at venture exchanges for new and small firms.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: The 2015 Economic Report of the President

Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, presents The 2015 Economic Report of the President before the Joint Economic Committee this week on Capitol Hill.Read More >

Making Ministers One of Us

Amid all the political angst among nations on the front pages of our newspapers, economic policymaking is enjoying a peaceful period. Ahead of this year's GEC in Milan, we look at some of the efforts among governments to listen and learn in a mutual effort to grow economies.Read More >