This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Congress Breaks for Thanksgiving Recess

After a brief return to Washington following the midterm elections earlier this month, Members of Congress have returned home this week for Thanksgiving recess. Read More >

Global Entrepreneurship Week Comes to a Close -- Or Does It?

As it has for each November since 2008, Global Entrepreneurship Week has unleashed a huge ground swell of events and competitions around the world, raising awareness and rallying support for entrepreneurs along with the polices and programs that help them start and scale new firms. But while the cacophony has begun to fade, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the momentum generated during GEW continues to resonate well into the coming year.Read More >

Female Entrepreneurs Key to Economic Growth

A new study released by the Kauffman Foundation suggests that accelerating female entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect on the U.S. economy that the large-scale entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century.Read More >

Building One Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Founded and supported by the Kauffman Foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week is a shot of adrenaline at one point in the year but it has led to the creation of a year-round platform that is creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Disaster Tax Relief for Small Businesses Leads Slow Week

Hearing on disaster tax relief for small businesses and individuals leads a slow week in Congressional committees in WashingtonRead More >

Getting the Fit Right

A Guide for Cities to Support Maker NeedsRead More >

Experimenting with Entrepreneurs and Economic Reform

Looking abroad for clues on our own efforts to boost economic growthRead More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Congress Returns with Focus on Ebola, ISIL

Entrepreneurship taking a back seat to other issues as lame-duck Congress winds downRead More >

States Focus on Helping Entrepreneurs

Oregon is the latest example of a state that is abandoning traditional economic development plans to “attract and retain” so they can focus rather on how to “start and scale.”Read More >

Student Loan Debt Adds to Startup Anxiety

Student debt and the anti-entrepreneurial incentive it represents, must be confronted now.Read More >