The Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship informs and connects thought leaders looking to understand policies that help entrepreneurs start companies, create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Measuring Cities As They Race to the Top

A fresh focus on cities as indicators of startup community health has attracted a new generation of local leaders championing entrepreneurship to the growth and quality of life of their metropolitan areas. Many are also working to improve our understanding of the city entrepreneurship phenomenon and its complex dynamics. How are cities assessing and benchmarking their performance? Read More >

Commerce Dept. Announces $10 Million in Innovation Grants

Last August, the Department of Commerce announced it would be giving out $10 million in funding through its i6 Challenge program and Seed Fund Support Grants. Today, it unveiled the 25 awardees through the two programs -- both part of the Economic Development Administration's Regional Innovation Strategies -- designed to advance innovation and capacity-building activities in regions across the United States. Read More >

2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address

Congressman Steve Chabot, chairman of the House Committee on Small Business -- and occasional guest blogger for the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship -- will headline the Kauffman Foundation's seventh annual State of Entrepreneurship Address next week at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Read More >

Kauffman Foundation Policy Director Warns State on Licensing Laws

Kauffman Foundation Policy Director Jason Wiens submitted written testimony to the Milton Marks “Little Hoover” Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy in Sacramento, Calif. Wiens’ testimony focused on the barriers that occupational licensing poses to new business formation—a catalyst for economic growth and job creation.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: President Obama’s Final Budget

This week, President Obama will release his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017 and administration officials are scheduled to testify on it at a number of committee hearings on both sides of Capitol Hill. Jack Lew, Secretary of Treasury, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and John Koskinen, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, all make appearances in hearings this week.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Immigrant Investor Program Under Review

In late December, Congress temporarily extended a 25 year old initiative called the EB-5 "Immigrant Investor" program that is intended to attract wealthy foreign investors to the U.S. to back promising new startups – and provide jobs for Americans. While the program generated more than $5 billion in investment between 2005 and 2013, it hasn’t been so successful at translating that into jobs. This week, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary examines the EB-5 Regional Centers that account for 95% of all EB-5 capital. Read More >

New Development Strategies Borrow from Innovation Hubs

Remember the Washington Consensus? After years of false starts and dead ends in solving development challenges, new formulas now incorporate bold entrepreneurial components. The result is that for the first time in many decades, ending extreme poverty is less of an elusive goal.Read More >

State Licensing Laws and Their Impact on New Business Formation

Jason Wiens, policy director for the Kauffman Foundation will be providing testimony later this week for a California state commission about how occupational licensing laws can stifle startups and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Snowzilla Slows Committee Hearings

The winter storm that shut down Washington, DC, this weekend may be over but the city is still digging out – and Congress is taking another snow day or two.  A number of hearings scheduled for the early part of the week have been postponed until further notice. At this time, there are a few budget-related hearings that are still on the calendar for the week ahead but those are subject to postponement as well depending on the city's cleanup efforts.Read More >

Crowdfunding on the Rise in Emerging Economies

Barriers to entrepreneurship continue to fall, leading to a democratization of entrepreneurship. Startup success no longer requires a Silicon Valley zip code in the U.S. -- or even residence in a strong, developed nation. A new report highlights global crowdfunding developments of 2015 and forecasts an increase of more than 50 percent over the next 12 months. Read More >