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This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Senate to Focus on Cybersecurity Bill

With members of the House of Representatives already back home enjoying their August recess, the Senate has a few more days left in session in Washington. It is widely expected to push forward the Cyber-Information Sharing Act (CISA -- S.754) as quickly as possible but with members of both parties lining up with amendments to the bill, time is of the essence. Read More >

A Rising Tide for Cybersecurity Regulation & Entrepreneurs

Reacting to the shockwaves that recent data breaches sent through government, businesses and individuals, the United States Congress has held a large number of committee hearings on cybersecurity and privacy. These regulatory deliberations and expected regulatory changes, combined with the major losses inflicted on large companies and institutions, are driving entrepreneurs and investors to help meet the demand for data protection. Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Double-dose of FCC

With August recess looming, members of the Federal Communications Commission make a couple of appearances on Capitol Hilll this week. Read More >

How Policy Can Support Network Development

A new policy brief from the OECD outlines how policymakers can help fuel the growth of networks to help entrepreneurs — particularly those among under-represented groups such as women and youth — start and scale new firms. Read More >

Entrepreneurs Called to Ignite Economic Growth for Africa and Beyond

Since 2010, when President Barack Obama presided over the first Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Washington, D.C., it has expanded to a global event, subsequently hosted by the governments of Muslim majority nations, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Morocco. Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Taming Taxes for Entrepreneurs

With only a couple weeks left before Washington turns into a ghost town for August, there are a number of committee hearings on tap this week. Simplifying tax burdens for entrepreneurs and small business owners is at the top of the list.Read More >

The Crowd and the Regulator: How a Few Rule Changes Could Accelerate Entrepreneurship

As regulators work on rule modernization, we should be careful to balance the exuberance with clarity around different types of crowdfunding and precision around what we are trying to accomplish.Read More >

Entrepreneurial Immigration and the Global Talent Race

As the United States continues to stall on entrepreneurial immigration, several countries are joining the ranks of economies that have an immigration policy or program tailored for startup entrepreneurs attracted to the local ecosystem and market.Read More >

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Monetary Policy, Regulatory Reform and Drones

The biggest buzz on Capitol Hill this week is likely to be made by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation hearing to explore the FIFA scandal and the “integrity of international soccer.” Meanwhile, there are several hearings that might be a bit more meaningful to followers of the entrepreneurial economy.Read More >

Policy Levers to Measure (and Strengthen) Entrepreneurial Cities

Headliner data no longer impresses startup community leaders examining alternative policy levers for building city ecosystems for entrepreneurs. How are startup cities assessing themselves?Read More >