TWIEP: Disaster Tax Relief for Small Businesses Leads Slow Week

Hearing on disaster tax relief for small businesses and individuals leads a slow week in Congressional committees in WashingtonRead More >

Building One Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Founded and supported by the Kauffman Foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week is a shot of adrenaline at one point in the year but it has led to the creation of a year-round platform that is creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.Read More >

Getting the Fit Right

A Guide for Cities to Support Maker NeedsRead More >

Experimenting with Entrepreneurs and Economic Reform

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TWIEP: Congress Returns with Focus on Ebola, ISIL

Entrepreneurship taking a back seat to other issues as lame-duck Congress winds downRead More >

States Focus on Helping Entrepreneurs

Oregon is the latest example of a state that is abandoning traditional economic development plans to “attract and retain” so they can focus rather on how to “start and scale.”Read More >

Student Loan Debt Adds to Startup Anxiety

Student debt and the anti-entrepreneurial incentive it represents, must be confronted now.Read More >

President Obama Proclaims November National Entrepreneurship Month

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, U.S. President Barack Obama recently named November as National Entrepreneurship Month in the United States.Read More >

Confidence Slips for Entrepreneurs

A healthy dose of confidence is one of the most important traits that any entrepreneur can have.Read More >

How Much Does Coding Literacy Matter

Code--the lingua franca of the technology generation.Read More >