Living the Legacy

Snapshots of how the Kauffman Foundation and the Kansas City community have celebrated the spirit of Mr. Kauffman’s legacy throughout 2016.

Ewing Marion Kauffman saw himself as a common man who achieved uncommon things. This year, in celebration of his 100th birthday, the Kauffman Foundation challenged itself and others to live up to Mr. Kauffman's expectations, to give back and “Be Uncommon.”

100 Acts of Generosity

Help celebrate the legacy of Mr. Kauffman by completing as many acts as you can in 2016.

100 ACTS of Generosity Playing Cards
The Magician's Hand 2:30

Ewing Kauffman was an avid card player. He played pinochle and canasta with his parents, poker with his shipmates in the Navy and gin with his buddies at the club.

In honor of Mr. Kauffman’s love of card games, we developed our own deck of playing cards. The cards feature Mr. Kauffman’s guiding principles and 100 suggestions by associates of the Kauffman Foundation for acts of generosity – big and little ways we can give back to our community.

KSI Day at the K

The 100-day countdown to Ewing Kauffman's 100th birthday begins.

Julia Kauffman presents to the KSI group
The Uncommon Award
KSI Day at the K

We began our 100-day countdown to Ewing Kauffman's 100th birthday by celebrating together at Kauffman Scholars Day at the K. Julia Kauffman welcomed the scholars as the program marked its own century milestone by recording its first 100 college graduates and enrolling more than 600 Scholars in higher education institutions across the country.

Kauffman Scholars Uncommon Award and First Pitch 1:43

In her remarks, Julia said, “I'm delighted because everywhere I go in the United States, sometimes out of the blue, someone will come up to me and say, ‘I'm a Kauffman kid.’ It's really rewarding to see a Kauffman program made a difference in someone’s life.”

Before the game, a battery of Kauffman Scholars teamed up to deliver the best ceremonial first pitch of the season.