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Children Ready for Kindergarten or Kindergarten Ready for 21st Century Learners?

As preschool moves into the continuum of the public education system, are the needs of 21st century learners being met?

A Great Early Start in Kansas City: Operation Breakthrough

Operation Breakthrough operates to meet emotional physical and academic needs of its children and families.

Early Education Funders Collaborative

The Collaborative supports improvements in early childhood education systems and increased options and opportunities for families in the region.

Collaboration and Creativity in Funding Early Education

Whitney Hosty, senior philanthropic advisor at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, discusses ways in which donors can contribute to improving early education in our community.

Data and Education – Q&A with Author of the New Book Data Literacy for Educators

Arnobio Morelix does Q&A with Kauffman's Edith Gummer on her new book, Data Literacy for Educators

Starting Young: Helping Latinos Succeed in School

The Greater Kansas City Hispanic Development Fund recently named early education as one of its priority initiatives. Executive Director, Mayra Aguirre, discusses why this issue is so important for the Latino community.

Music to My Ears: Improving Early Education in Jackson County

Three obstacles for Kansas City schools Mayor Sly James touched on in this year’s State of the City address—recruiting diverse teachers, access to high-quality schools and retaining quality teachers—don’t just affect K-12, but start in early education programs.

A Deeper Look at Early Education in Our Backyard

Kauffman Education Program Associate Halley French discusses plans by local funders to address the gap in quality early education for young children in Kansas City.

Mid-America Regional Council Community Services Corporation

The Kauffman Foundation currently supports the Metropolitan Council on Early Learning's Classroom Assessment Scoring System an observational instrument to assess classroom quality in infant through twelfth grade classrooms.

Start at Zero

Start at Zero (SAZ) is a family visiting and kindergarten readiness program for Kansas City families with children ages zero to three.