Entrepreneurial Finance

The funding landscape for entrepreneurs includes a wide range of financing options from bootstrapping to venture capital and raises questions about equity ownership for startups.

Kauffman @ SXSW: 4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America

03/17/15 Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix presents research findings about fastest growing companies in the U.S. at SXSW

How Much Do Taxes Affect Startup Investment Incentives?

03/09/15 Taxes create a wedge between what a new venture earns and what investors receive, boosting the hurdle rate that must be met in order to attract funding. But how much?

The Many Flavors of Crowdfunding

02/19/15 Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson takes a look at how crowdfunding has become part of the menu of financing options for entrepreneurs and how the different types of crowdfunding achieve different goals.

4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America: the Kansas City Experience

01/29/15 Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix shares on insights from the fastest growing companies in the United States.

The Best States and Cities for Crowdfunding

10/27/14 How the Small Business Crowdfunding Index is helping shape entrepreneurial ventures

Confidence Slips for Entrepreneurs

10/27/14 A healthy dose of confidence is one of the most important traits that any entrepreneur can have

Dollars Flowing to Entrepreneurs

10/19/14 A couple of new quarterly data sets from the venture capital industry and angel investors suggest that entrepreneurs are having an easier time finding capital in 2014.

An Entrepreneurial Renaissance

09/22/14 Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio talks about how federal policies could clear the way for an entrepreneurial renaissance in America -- looking at access to capital, talent and approaches to remove barrier to entrepreneurship.

What’s Your Startup Investor IQ?

09/09/14 InvestorIQ.org tests and builds startup investing knowledge for prospective investors and entrepreneurs through lessons culled by the Angel Capital Association, Angel Resource Institute and Kauffman Foundation

Insights on the Next American Economy

08/07/14 The Roosevelt Institute's Next American Economy project identifies the trends and challenges that will shape our economy in the next twenty-five years to better inform the policy decisions we must make today.