Startup Survival, Failure and Growth

New ventures are more likely to fail than they are to succeed. What do we know about startup survival, failure and growth that can turn the odds in favor of the entrepreneur?

Gauging Impact: A Closer Look at Entrepreneurial Density

04/20/15 The effect of entrepreneurial density can be dramatic: when talented makers and innovators interact regularly, new successful ventures are likely to emerge.

Nothing That's Worth Having Comes Easy

04/09/15 Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explores some of the challenges that entrepreneurship hoists upon people and explains how those challenges are still outweighed by the benefits of success.

3 Emerging Trends in the Accelerator Model

04/08/15 Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh highlights 3 emerging trends in the accelerator model: Evolving Upstream, Expanding Scope of Services, and Growth of Corporate Accelerators.

Avoiding a Startup Monoculture

04/06/15 The consequences of a narrow focus are costly from both macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives and that it goes against efforts to democratize new business creation.

Six Ways Non-Profit Entrepreneurs are Distinct from “Traditional” Entrepreneurs

03/30/15 Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch highlights differences between non-profit and "traditional" entrepreneurs.

Kauffman Sketchbook - "Cracking the Code"

03/18/15 Amy Wilkinson, author of "The Creator's Code," describes key characteristics of today’s leading entrepreneurs.

The Creator's Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

03/17/15 The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson, a strategic advisor to startups and large corporations alike, unlocks the six essential skills that turn intriguing ideas into enduring enterprises.

Kauffman @ SXSW: 4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America

03/17/15 Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix presents research findings about fastest growing companies in the U.S. at SXSW

Hiring and Building Your Startup’s Team

03/16/15 Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch shares the advantages of startups' creating their own talent versus hiring talent.

Four Indicators to Assess Local Ecosystem Vibrancy

03/16/15 Most communities fall short in assessing the performance of their entrepreneurial ecosystems, according to a new Kauffman paper.