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One in a Million

One in a Million 2015 is a Kauffman Foundation competition for 1 Million Cups (1MC) startup presenters who apply to participate. Those entrepreneurs with the best presentations and most promising startups will compete at the national finals, livestreamed during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.

Six Strategies to Create Strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

As policymakers throughout the country -- and around the world -- look for ways to help entrepreneurs launch and grow new businesses, a new research paper from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation underscores the importance of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Kauffman Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on Trends in Entrepreneurship

Sen. Jerry Moran (KS) and Sen. Chris Coons (DE) of the Senate Competitiveness Caucus joined John Haltiwanger, a University of Maryland professor of economics with expertise in new business dynamics, for a discussion of trends in entrepreneurship and how to boost the American economy.

Haltiwanger’s ‘Startup Deficit’

The work of John Haltiwanger, an economics professor at the University of Maryland, in deepening our understanding of the causes of job creation, job destruction and economic performance serves as one of the best examples of how to elevate the quality of research informing a new class of policymakers drilling down on entrepreneurship as a driver of jobs and innovation.

Talent Trumps Cash as Top Concern for Indianapolis High Growth Firms

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson takes a look at a recent report on how high-growth firms in Indianapolis find the talent they need to sustain their plans for growth.

On Time.com: Here’s How Startups Actually Start Up

Time Magazine turns to the Kauffman Foundation’s Michele Markey for insights on the essential steps for entrepreneurial success

Google to Alphabet, Acqui-hires, and Occupational Licensing

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson summarizes some excellent pieces on the different kinds of acqui-hires, the Google to Alphabet bet, and the White House's focus on the effects of occupational licensing

Buying Talent by Buying the Business

Acqui-whats? Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explains what acqui-hires are and how it makes sense for some companies.

The Kauffman Foundation is accepting grant proposals from organizations that are exempt from taxes under sections 501(c)(3) or 115(2) of the Internal Revenue Code and that are seeking to expand programs that demonstrate evidence of success in supporting entrepreneurs in the United States.