Startup Survival, Failure and Growth

New ventures are more likely to fail than they are to succeed. What do we know about startup survival, failure and growth that can turn the odds in favor of the entrepreneur?

4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America: the Kansas City Experience

01/29/15 Kauffman researcher on insights from the fastest growing companies in the United States.

Entrepreneurship: New Directions for a New Era

As one of just a handful of private foundations with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, Kauffman has felt called to re-think its program strategies, for two reasons.

Mapping Our Future

At the Kauffman Foundation, we know that if our work is to make any difference, we must start by looking within.

Kansas City Startup Village: Sparking Innovation Through Entrepreneurial Density

Boosted by Google Fiber, the Kansas City Startup Village is committed to growing a community of startups and providing support for entrepreneurial growth across the Kansas City metro area.

Research and Policy: Filling the Gaps

Kauffman’s data play dual roles in generating more research and in helping the Foundation make programmatic decisions.

Entrepreneurship Starts at Home: How Research Can Inform Policy

Kauffman research is increasingly pointing to the importance of location to entrepreneurship.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Tax Incentives

State leaders need better information to avoid unexpected budget challenges, identify programs that are effective, and modify or end programs that do not achieve their intended purpose.

Bring Out the NETS to Capture Business level Data

11/19/14 Kauffman Foundation Research Director E.J. Reedy discusses why NETS is a great resource for scholars needing annual employment and revenue information on private businesses in the United States over time.

Kauffman Foundation Economists Revive Two Popular Blogs

11/06/14 After a hiatus to refresh content and direction, the Kauffman Foundation is re-launching the "Data Maven" and "Growthology" blogs that explore entrepreneurship and education trends and research.

Randomized Control Trial Data on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

11/03/14 At last! Randomized control trials (established in medicine and many other fields) are now being used more routinely within the study of entrepreneurship and innovation. Kauffman Foundation Director E.J. Reedy explores the slow uptake and emerging opportunities for this new means of data collection.