Kauffman Foundation is proud to announce

The ESHIP Summit

for builders of entrepreneurial ecosystems

June 21-23, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri
America's Heartland

Our nation’s biggest challenge.

The acceleration of technology and innovation is creating opportunities unimaginable just years ago. We are experiencing innovation across diverse sectors, such as health, education, business, science, government, art and beyond.

Yet, while these disruptive changes have created hope, they have also stirred anxiety and displacement. Despite positive economic indicators, too many Americans are being left behind by today’s economy.

There’s a way to solve this challenge. What’s needed is a new model for economic growth – one that is broad and inclusive enough to inspire the nation and yet actionable for every community in America...and beyond. That model involves the creation and expansion of successful ecosystems of entrepreneurship.

In June, the Kauffman Foundation will convene a national ESHIP Summit that will bring together ecosystem builders, key allies and stakeholders from across the nation and beyond to share their experiences and expertise and collaborate on solutions for this economic path forward.

Is a Summit really a solution?

The Summit will be like no other. It will elevate this model at a crucial time for our nation. It will focus on the principles and practices that underlie successful entrepreneurship ecosystems. It will actively encourage the discussion, and even collision, of ideas.

There will be no politics, no pretense, and no standard PowerPoint presentations. The Summit will be hands-on, interactive; no viewing from the sidelines. It will provide solutions that can be applied locally in practice. Practical approaches that build culture, community and vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems. Participants will join together, creatively and boldly, to advance the creation of entrepreneurial communities and their potential for America.

We hope that you will plan to be part of this extraordinary occasion.

Please save these dates. We will provide more information early in the new year.

More Details Coming Soon.