Global Entrepreneurship Research Network

program highlights

  • Support research that advances the network's goals
  • Translate research into policy actions
  • Generate lessons and insights for entrepreneurs and programs

The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network is a collaboration of research organizations around the world whose goals are to generate useful and actionable knowledge for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and others; fill gaps in what we know about entrepreneurship; standardize data, especially longitudinal survey work; conduct experiments and evaluation of entrepreneurship education and training programs; and, gain a better understanding of policy barriers and what the right policies are for fostering entrepreneurship.

The organizations participating in this network commit to collecting and sharing research results so they are accessible, usable, and open. Key founding partners, along with Kauffman, are Endeavor Insight and the World Bank.

Collaborating with leading organizations and scholars will make the potential for improved learning and research in entrepreneurship massive. 
— Dane Stangler, Vice President, Research and Policy, 
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation