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Different Differenter: An Activity Book about Skin Color

by Jyoti Gupta

Different Differenter: An Activity Book about Skin Color

Different Differenter is a beautifully-illustrated, full-color, activity book for children that thoughtfully addresses everyday skin color consciousness (and bias) in a way that’s easy to understand.

Children’s rich observations and questions about color, caste, and race elicit accurate yet straightforward responses. Jyoti’s art-and-craft-based book takes you on a playful and creative discovery to find answers that work for you and your family–while creatively introducing facts of history and 15-plus new words. Make art. Perform a play for the nanas when they’re in town. Eat a yummy homemade dessert. Ooh! and aah! about how each member of the family has a different skin color.

It’s a beautifully-illustrated, educational tool that sets the context for hard conversations about self-awareness, color, and identity. Subjects in the book include biology of skin (e.g., melanin); culturally-related aspects (e.g., food); colorism’s social impact (e.g., bullying) and solutions (e.g., bystander intervention).