Stories and insights that underscore the essential role of education and entrepreneurship in empowering all people to shape their futures, create vibrant communities, and grow an inclusive economy.

Technology and the future workforce

Investing in what will become our scarcest resource: us

In a world of automation, it’s time to get human.

Rethink: Is Post-industrial America Ready To Punch Back? Kauffman Foundation

Are post-industrial cities ready to land a major punch in the new economy?

Aaron North and Henry North, 10 Hopes for Henry, Kauffman Foundation

10 hopes for Henry

Kauffman Foundation's VP of Education envisions what he wants the education system to look like for his own son – and for all students in the next 20 years.

Casting a vision for learning and work in the future

It’s time to rethink education, to consider the lessons that will be most important to our future workforce.

Sherman Whites, Kauffman Foundation director of Education, New Profit's Gathering of Leaders

Designing the future of learning for all kids

How do we scale successful models to prepare the majority, not a privileged few, for a rapidly transforming economy?