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GEW Ecosystem Building Playbook hack
Global Entrepreneurship Week attendee "hacks" Kauffman Foundation's Ecosystem Building Playbook at Plexpod.

Makers, doers, and dreamers ‘hack’ the ecosystem playbook during Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Kauffman Foundation invited community members to “hack” into the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook and give feedback during the 10th anniversary of #GEWKC.

What started as a simple idea 10 years ago has since expanded to 170 countries, and what keeps Kansas City as one of the leading Global Entrepreneurship Week sites is the community’s commitment to breaking down barriers and building a more inclusive and connected entrepreneurial community.

In an article by Global Entrepreneurship Network’s Maria Meyers, Jenny Miller, organizer for GEW Kansas City and leader of KCSourceLink, said, “GEWKC connects people who may not identify as ‘entrepreneurs’—who may think of themselves as makers, creators, freelancers, artists, business owners—with the spark, network and support they need to start and grow businesses.”

This year, the Kauffman Foundation brought together Kansas City’s makers, dreamers, and doers to a “Hack Your Ecosystem” event Nov. 15 during the 10th anniversary of #GEWKC. These community members hacked the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook to provide feedback, critiques, and insights about the principles driving the work of building vibrant entrepreneurial communities. The playbook draft was first released during the Foundation’s inaugural ESHIP Summit in Kansas City this July.

Hack Your Ecosystem Kauffman Foundation #GEWKC 2017

If you missed the event or are not located in Kansas City, we need you to leave your questions, comments, stories, and feedback here to help us write the book on entrepreneurial ecosystems.


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