7 insights from the ESHIP Summit 2017

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7 insights: How to empower the makers, the doers, the dreamers

7 insights: How to empower the makers, the doers, the dreamers

Committed to a new model of economic development, entrepreneurial ecosystem builders share takeaways from the inaugural ESHIP Summit.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem builders come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including entrepreneurs, mayors, economic developers, grassroots community leaders, university leaders, academics, philanthropists, corporate leaders and media. They drive long-term change by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, and work toward fewer barriers for the makers, the doers and the dreamers. 

Entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive when people and resources are connected and working together to develop new approaches and solutions for serving entrepreneurs. 

At the inaugural ESHIP Summit in June, the Kauffman Foundation brought together 450 diverse ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs who collaborated to craft actionable plans for activating and transforming their startup communities. Together, we can help break down barriers for entrepreneurs across the country. Join us.

Entrepreneurs in the heartland had their say on Startup Day

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