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The Jeanne Palmer Show, feat. Ewing Marion Kauffman
Watch: "The Jeanne Palmer Show, feat. Ewing Marion Kauffman" | 12:41

How to be happily successful in business

For the 101st anniversary of Mr. Kauffman’s birth, we revisit a vintage clip of him on the 1960s Jeanne Palmer show sharing advice on his uncommon approach to success.

Today, we mark the 101st anniversary of Ewing Marion Kauffman’s birth on Sept. 21, 1916, with vintage footage from his appearance on the Jeanne Palmer television program. The 1960s-era broadcast featured “penetrating interviews with outstanding people in the business world.”

Mr. Kauffman talks about the fundamental business principles and guiding philosophies that motivated his associates at Marion Laboratories to lead the nation’s pharmaceutical industry in sales per associate averages and rank first in profits per associate. He took an uncommon approach devoted to treating others as you would like to be treated.


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