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Findings from the NORC Entrepreneurship in the Population Survey

Are you interested in the landscape of entrepreneurship in your local community? Watch this Data Dive into a new survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago and funded by the Kauffman Foundation. NORC scholars discuss their first-year findings as part of a 5-year, cross-sectional, nationally representative survey designed to capture an accurate measure of entrepreneurship status among the U.S population.

WATCH: “Findings from the NORC Entrepreneurship in the Population Survey” | 1:24:12

This extensive survey of more than 30,000 participants seeks to understand the pathways people take toward business ownership, as well as the factors that support and inhibit entrepreneurship in the United States. The survey data provides estimates of engagement with entrepreneurial activities in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., and in the 50 most populous metropolitan areas across the nation.

Participants examine initial themes from this timely survey and next steps for researchers and policymakers seeking to understand entrepreneurship in the population.

This forum was facilitated by Kauffman Senior Program Officer in Entrepreneurship Dr. Sarah Barrett.

Participants included Dr. Quentin Brummet and Mrs. Karen Grigorian.

Webinar was recorded October 2022.