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Seeding Inclusive and Equitable Recovery

In a fast-paced, and increasingly unpredictable world, how we think about recovery and who it might benefit are key to supporting resilient, inclusive economies. What can the recent rounds of federal funding teach us about the complex issues related to the design and delivery of equitable and inclusive economic recovery programs? Watch the full forum below.

WATCH: “Kauffman Entrepreneurship Issue Forum: Seeding Inclusive and Equitable Recovery” | 1:28:13

The event also features examples of recovery programs from across the country that each worked to integrate more equitable design principles and processes into their programs. Download the report, COVID-19 and Entrepreneurial Firms: Seeding an Inclusive and Equitable Recovery.

This forum was facilitated by Kauffman Program Officer in Entrepreneurship Lauren Higgins.

Participants included Darrene Hackler, Ellen Harpel, Katie Johnson, Tara Palacios, and Andy Reed.

Webinar was recorded July 2022.