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How to Work With Us in Entrepreneurship

“I want help in starting or growing my business.”

  • If you want to meet up with and learn from entrepreneurs in 169 communities across America, attend a free 1 Million Cups event and engage with your peers.
  • If you want to learn the steps to entrepreneurial success, join one of more than 130 FastTrac programs nationwide or learn from our online resources.
  • If you seek direct assistance to help you grow your business, here is a list of quality programs that we support.

“I’m interested in applying for a grant…”

“…for an organization I run that helps entrepreneurs…”

We grant funds to organizations (usually nonprofits) that help entrepreneurs. We primarily target organizations who support entrepreneurs who face barriers due to demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic disadvantages. We especially like ideas that generate knowledge that can be shared broadly to help other organizations, too.

You can begin the grant application process by following this link and then, on the application page, selecting “Entrepreneurship” and then “Entrepreneurial Support Organizations.”

We work nationwide, but we give special consideration to organizations in our hometown of Kansas City. Please note that we receive thousands of grant requests each year, but we can only fund a small percentage of them. Grants can take up to 6 months to process, depending on size, complexity, and other factors. Learn more about our grantmaking process.

“…to conduct research that helps entrepreneurs.”

We grant funds to research initiatives that generate practical, actionable knowledge to help entrepreneurs start and succeed. We also support the creation of data that track entrepreneurial activity. Check out our current research strategies and initiatives.

You can begin the grant process by following this link and then, on the application page, selecting “Entrepreneurship” and then “Research.”

“…to help entrepreneurs outside of the United States.”

We don’t directly support programs for entrepreneurs outside of the United States. We do, however, support the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), which helps entrepreneurial supporters in more than 180 countries and also runs the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week and Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Check out GEN if you have international interests.

“I want to create an equitable, inclusive environment in my community by…”

“…supporting entrepreneurs and strengthening my community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and economy.”

“…advocating for policies that help entrepreneurs.”

“I need knowledge, research, or data about entrepreneurs.”

  • If you want the latest data on entrepreneurial activity, refer to our Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship.
  • Subscribe to stay up-to-date with all our Entrepreneurship research and initiatives.
  • If you are a journalist working on a story, please contact Larry Jacob for specific data requests and to arrange an interview with an expert.

“I want to create more capital to invest in underserved entrepreneurs.”

Do you have an idea that helps investors in underserved entrepreneurs enhance their work, such as through learning and collaboration? Or are you seeking to test and validate a new investment model that invests in underserved entrepreneurial businesses? Learn more about our Capital Access Lab to see if your investment interests fit in with this initiative.

For the Media

For media inquiries, contact Larry Jacob.