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Challenges for Entrepreneurs in the Heartland | Trends in Entrepreneurship, No. 7
How do entrepreneurs in the Heartland – Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska – perceive challenges compared to entrepreneurs nationally? We asked Heartland and nationwide entrepreneurs to rank the order of the three to five most challenging barriers from a list of 13 barriers to discover what matters most to them.
Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Support: Some Basics | Entrepreneurship Issue Brief, No. 4
Mentoring is offered as a feature to support entrepreneurs in a variety of entrepreneurship support programs, including incubators, accelerators, small business chambers, and entrepreneurship education initiatives. Mentoring is a popular entrepreneurship support intervention, and it can be offered either as a main focus or as one of several features in a package of offerings.
Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Method Working Paper
Entrepreneurship is a process and a series of dynamic steps, rather than a binary or static outcome. To provide more granular insights into the early stages of entrepreneurship, we elaborate on four indicators and a summary index capturing different dimensions of entrepreneurial activity within the population and within new businesses.
This brief presents a breakdown of the reasons entrepreneurs seek business advice or mentoring, as well as the sources of mentoring, drawing from the 2016 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. The trends explained here are based on the perceptions of the entrepreneurs themselves, which provide insight into how they think about and navigate the process of obtaining business advice or mentoring.
Motivations for Entrepreneurship | Trends in Entrepreneurship, No. 4
Trends in Entrepreneurship | Take a closer look at what motivates an individual to become an entrepreneur, and how it can reflect the broader economic environment as well as influence the nature and direction of the business activity itself.