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Social Innovation Summit | Murray Woodard, Lia McIntosh, and Sherman Whites from Kauffman Foundation
We come together to make sure students have backpacks and hotspots, but all the money in the world won’t solve what can be done when we partner with communities to do the hard work that can create long-lasting impact.
Kansas City, Missouri
In conversation for the Social Innovation Summit, Minneapolis-based founder and CEO Tawanna Black and Kauffman’s Philip Gaskin discuss how to build a just economy where everyone is able to write their own story through entrepreneurship and business ownership to create a true American Dream.
Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Support: Some Basics | Entrepreneurship Issue Brief, No. 4
Mentoring is offered as a feature to support entrepreneurs in a variety of entrepreneurship support programs, including incubators, accelerators, small business chambers, and entrepreneurship education initiatives. Mentoring is a popular entrepreneurship support intervention, and it can be offered either as a main focus or as one of several features in a package of offerings.
Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Method Working Paper
Entrepreneurship is a process and a series of dynamic steps, rather than a binary or static outcome. To provide more granular insights into the early stages of entrepreneurship, we elaborate on four indicators and a summary index capturing different dimensions of entrepreneurial activity within the population and within new businesses.
Together, we will continue with renewed energy to work with our communities to fundamentally change the outcomes of people’s lives – by addressing underlying causes, not just treating symptoms, while striving each day to be our better selves.
Ashlei Spivey
Ashlei Spivey is a program officer – entrepreneur support organizations in Entrepreneurship for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where she manages a broad grant portfolio that addresses systemic inequities that impact entrepreneurial success in the Heartland, as well as a peer-learning community designed to encourage collaborative, regional entrepreneurship support and strategy development. Previously, Spivey was […]
ESHIP Communities
In a time when it’s easy to feel isolated, four communities focus economic development on building strong entrepreneurial ecosystems – knowing that others are doing similar work, and are willing to share and support, makes a difference.