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Challenges Along the Entrepreneurial Journey: Considerations for Entrepreneurship Supporters

We asked more than 500 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs across the United States about the challenges they face to better understand how entrepreneurship supporters can help.

Entrepreneurs have the potential to create new jobs in their communities, bring new products and services to the market, and change the way we lead our lives. But it’s not enough to have a good idea. Some aspiring entrepreneurs encounter barriers that prevent them from ever starting a business. And those entrepreneurs who do start businesses may face challenges that limit the ability of their businesses to flourish. As a result, individuals and communities may collectively lose out on the new jobs, products, services, and innovations that were never created.

What are the biggest barriers facing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs? Where are they getting stuck? What prevents businesses from getting off the ground? What inhibits the entrepreneurs from thriving? Understanding the barriers entrepreneurs encounter along their journeys can help entrepreneurship supporters – including nonprofits, funders, policymakers, investors, and researchers – better understand how to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The full report includes the results from our survey and key considerations for entrepreneurship supporters.