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Challenges for Entrepreneurs in the Heartland

How do entrepreneurs in the Heartland – Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska – perceive challenges compared to entrepreneurs nationally? We asked Heartland and nationwide entrepreneurs to rank the order of the three to five most challenging barriers from a list of 13 barriers to discover what matters most to them.

Featured highlights:

  • Entrepreneurs in the Heartland and nationally most commonly report that finding customers is challenging – about 6 in 10 entrepreneurs in the Heartland and across the country.
  • In the Heartland, funds to start the business is a challenge among 54% of entrepreneurs and funds to grow the business is a challenge among 60% of entrepreneurs, compared with 46% and 49% of entrepreneurs nationally.
  • Laws, policies, and regulations are a challenge for 55% of Heartland entrepreneurs, compared to 46% of entrepreneurs nationally.

Barriers to being an entrepreneur include: finding customers; funds to grow the business; laws, policies, and regulations; self-doubt and fear; skilled employees; information, education, and knowledge; networks and connections; mentors who can provide guidance; location, region, or geography; time to devote to the business; social support; and inclusion.