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Entrepreneurship Scholars

The Kauffman Foundation has funded a series of programs and initiatives designed to support the overall goal of advancing the study of entrepreneurship.

By assisting talented young scholars in their efforts to earn their Ph.D., encouraging early-career research and recognizing ground-breaking research, the Kauffman Foundation has encouraged the best and the brightest to focus their academic careers on entrepreneurship. These individuals have gone on to teach and research entrepreneurship throughout their careers.

In addition to funding scholarly research that helps us understand the role of entrepreneurship in society and its policy implications, the Foundation established the following programs that provided support and recognition to each career level of an academic professional:

An updated approach to research

After listening to researchers, entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurs, the Kauffman Foundation has updated its approach to the way it seeks information from research.

The Kauffman Knowledge Challenge: Insight to Impact supports activities aimed at improving our basic understanding about entrepreneurs and the levers, tools and methods that can advance entrepreneurship in the United States.

The goal of the Knowledge Challenge is to produce tangible insights for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship program and policy design, ecosystem builders and researchers.With this new approach, previous programs including the Dissertation Fellowship, Junior Faculty Fellowship, and the Kauffman Prize Medal will be consolidated into the Knowledge Challenge.