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Kauffman Compilation: Research on Immigration and Entrepreneurship

This fact sheet lists a range or research, articles and blog posts addressing immigration and entrepreneurship.

While immigration is often subject to contentious political debate, there is little debate about the economic contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs. Immigrants are twice as likely to become entrepreneurs as native-born Americans. Immigrant entrepreneurs have begun and lead some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies. The risk-taking that defines an immigrant’s experience in starting anew in a new country often continues to benefit immigrant entrepreneurs as they channel a healthy appetite for risk in a way that leads to new business ideas.

The Kauffman Foundation has long championed immigrant entrepreneurs and their positive impact on the American economy. In addition, the Kauffman Foundation has outlined policies that can help to continue and bolster immigrant entrepreneurship.

In this volume, we have assembled an assorted of Kauffman’s work on immigration entrepreneurship. The compilation that follows highlights a range of Kauffman resources that discuss the contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs and the policy ideas that could further those contributions.

For additional information on immigrant-related research beyond this compilation:

  • Examine the National Foundation for American Policy papers in full here and here.
  • Learn more about how immigration policy can help revive American entrepreneurship, here and here.
  • Explore Kauffman research on Immigrant Entrepreneurship.
  • Read more about the relationship between geography and high-tech immigrant entrepreneurs here.
  • Find out how local governments and organizations can help strengthen immigrant entrepreneurship.